About us

Unique partnership

A marriage of innovation and competitive advantages

Vanilla combines multiple innovations and competitive advantages thanks to the unique strategic partnerships of consortium partners. We have created unique partnership of 3 companies sharing our unique complementary knowledge, know-how and resources to create new knowledge not known yet in the area, generate strong IP, provide advance well beyond of any existing commercial state-of-the art bringing partners to the forefront of the tourism area.

Vanilla Travel

Passion for travel, desire to invent

Vanilla Travel is about passion for travel, desire to inventions and new horizons to discover. We are one of the leading travel agencies in the Baltics for more than 25 years. Member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) with registration number #67320260 and EUR 128 000 warranty. In addition our liabilities are insured with “ERGO Insurance SE” according to travel agency insurance policy #934000182.

Riga Technical University

World's most accurate machine translation

Riga Technical University (RTU) founded in 1862 is the largest academic and research body in Latvia, which is composed of 9 faculties, 1 high school of engineering, several dedicated research laboratories and facilities. RTU serves approx. 15000 students, where around 10% are international students mainly coming from countries outside EU. The overall number of academic and research personnel is ~ 1300 employees, from which around 700 are lead researchers, researchers, research assistants. RTU ranked as the best higher education institution in the field of engineering and computer science in Latvia and as leading university in engineering and technology in the Baltic countries. University has it`s own High Performance Computing data center, design factory and all the necessary infrastructure to proceed with AI/ML and NLP research and development with top talented researchers in the area. RTU cooperates with other reputable research institutions, such  as the CERN, European Space Agency and others. RTU has dedicated units and services to support successful implementation of projects: Research Project Department, Project Finance Service Division, Intellectual Property Rights Division, legal advisors for EU project affairs as well as an Innovation and Technology Transfer Center. 


Big data solutions and AI

Preste is technology company from France focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Social networks and Big Data solutions. Company already created multiple inventions like real time fraud detection for banking, generating deepfake videos and AI based prediction model for social networks.