Smart virtual travel assistant that speaks your language.

Available right on Your phone. Works on Your favourite chat app.

Powered by award-winning artificial intelligence

For the first time ever, multiple award-winning artificial intelligence  algorhitms come together in a smart travel assistant. This means you get an uniquely personalized experience in Your native language and the best worldwide travel deals in Your favourite chat app.

Personalized offers

Our special AI will design the best travel proposals tailored for You. Created according to your habits and preferences.

Easy to use

The assistant is available on multiple popular chat apps, including Facebook Messenger, Slack, Viber, Discord and others.

Speaks Your language

The smart assistant uses award-winning machine learning algorythms that can communicate in your native language.

Single touch checkout

With our assistant you can search, book and pay without leaving the chat app. This means You can book much faster and hassle-free.

Works on Your favourite chat app

What you get with assistant